Saturday, September 6, 2008

It Just Keeps Getting Better

It would seem the more we learn about Mayor Palin, also Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard, the more interesting she becomes. It is now reported that as Mayor, she asked the local librarian whether she would be ok with book censorship, implying of course, that the Mayor would be the chief censor. The librarian said, "Hmmm, well no, I would not be ok with that." No librarian worthy of the title is ok with book censorship. They select books according to national standards, and they naturally resist the darker impulses of local pols to inject their own standards.
So, the Mayor decided to fire the librarian . . . for not showing the proper loyalty. She also decided to fire other career people.
Now, how does that play out on the national level? The Feds have something called the Hatch Act, intended to separate the employees who have been hired as career people on the basis of actual qualifications, from the political appointees who are hired on the basis of loyalty to the politicos. Mayor Palin apparently doesn't understand this concept, much as she apparently doesn't understand this thing about separation of church and state.
We know that the Bushies didn't get these concepts either, so Mayor Palin would probably fit right into the Republican machine.
I wonder what other little nasties we might expect as more information is published about the soccer mom/pit bull with lipstick picked by our fearless POW Big MAC?
Wonder what she thinks about book burnings?
Stay tuned.
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