Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lying Liars

Lying. Why do the American people seem to like being lied to?
For eight years now, we have been subjected to a torrent of lies from the Bush Administration about the war in Iraq, about our relative fiscal solvency (not), about the environment and global warming, about the relative need for greater regulation of our financial institutions (remember the S&L collapse under daddy Bush?), about public education, and about just about every aspect of our foreign policy and international relations. Now, in the midst of the silly season, the McCain team is gearing up for more lies about their record. McCain the “maverick” now embraces almost every element of the Bush-Republican legacy, but he says he espouses change, borrowing from the Obama campaign shamelessly. He is in favor of more tax cuts that will enlarge the national debt by more than a trillion dollars more than Obama’s tax policies. He favors staying in Iraq for a century if necessary, despite the fact that we should never have been there to begin with. He wants us to endorse him because he is a former POW.
And we are now subjected to an amazing display of chutzpah regarding the pit bull. She was against the Bridge to Nowhere, except she was for it until it became a political liability. Then she opposed it, but she took the money anyway. We know little about her record, because mainly it is so barren, and we are not allowed to ask questions, because it would be sexist to do so. She apparently gets her directions for policy directly from God (sounds familiar somehow) and we are not allowed to question her 12th century mindset.
But the American public seems poised to accept the fact that the Republicans will shamelessly lie to them, even perhaps to insisting on the lies. We seem to have grown used to the lies and now demand more. Tell us what we want to hear. Let’s make believe we are still a great nation. As we march back to the age of unenlightenment, let us remember where we are all headed anyway.
Will the Obama campaign be able to counter this patent nonsense from the Republicans? We’ll know in only eight weeks.
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