Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ignorance is Bliss

So, now, beyond her polar bear fetish, Sarah Barracuda is fighting to keep the Beluga Whale off the endangered Species List. What’s with Sarah? Has she run out of Beluga Whale oil to light her Main-Street lights? And she needs a polar bear burger fix? Apparently Sarah has never met an Endangered animal she didn’t want to kill.
The really creepy thing about our gal Sarah is that she entertains no boundaries on her ignorance and, generally, doesn’t know or care just how ignorant she is. She still thinks she should be able to weigh in on important decisions. If she once in a while had some doubts, we might find her more forgivable—pitiable perhaps, but at least more forgivable. She reminds me of what 14th century religious leaders must have been like—entirely ignorant of the world, but completely sure of themselves on all subjects.
Can you picture her on that infamous 3:00 AM call on the red phone? (wonder if it’s really red?)
“Hi, it’s me, the President, ya’betcha. Who’s this?”
“Well, it’s George, your NSA Director, Madame President. We think we’ve picked up some tentative signs that Iran may be moving troops to the border of Afghanistan. We’re not sure yet of their intent, or even if it’s just a defensive maneuver on their part to warn the Taliban leaders in Afghanistan not to start anything.”
“Well, George, I think we should nuke’m. Yep, ya betcha, that’ll send them a message from me. “
“Well, Madame. I think that might be a bit precipitous on our part. We think we should launch some spy drones and monitor them for a while.”
“George, quit being a pussy, and launch me some nucular bomb things.”
“But, Madame . . .”
“George, did I hear a But from you? Didn’t I tell you not to ever But me?”
“Yes, Madame President.”
“So, just get on with it George. And don’t call me again at 3:00 AM. When in doubt, send’em a nucular message from me. Got it, George? Bye now.”
Yep, creepy she is, ya’betcha.
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