Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Cuckoos

Spring really is here. All the Spring Cuckoos, sometimes known as Republicans, are out and about shouting about Obamaland and how our Prez is ruining America. The Spring Cuckoos, remember, are the birds who never uttered a peep during eight years of the reigning Boy King, during which he started an illegal war, corrupted every agency in government, stood by while New Orleans went down the drain almost literally, and then oversaw the most destructive assault on the American Economy since Herbert Hoover. This morning, we had a Spring Cuckoo from the Cato Institute whining about “cap’n’trade” and how Obamaland was going to ruin everything by insisting we do something about global warming. Earlier, George Will was whining about tax policy. Note please, he forgot to whine when Reagan (for whom he wrote speeches) and the Boy King were attacking progressive tax policies and running larger budget deficits than any presidents in our history. No, apparently George just awakened from his eight year nap.

But what the hell, I guess we need to take the good (actual Spring) with the Bad (Spring Cuckoos). Smell the flowers, assuming it’s stopped snowing in your part of this grand nation. Look for the arrival of robins in your neck of the woods. In fact, fill your bird feeders, assuming you have some. The birdies are hungry, but please ignore the Spring Cuckoos. They won’t go away, but do whatever you do with the annoying calls that want you to buy something you don’t need or want, or to donate to causes in which you have little interest.

Tune them out. Turn them off. And if you remember that standard advice for people about to engage in public speaking, who are a bit nervous about it all—they’re told, "just imagine the audience is sitting there with no clothes on”. In my case, I’m sitting here, imagining that George Will and his cohort of Spring Cuckoos have just discovered that their entire retirement portfolio was invested with Bernie Madoff. Then I can relax and smile. Spring is here.

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