Monday, February 7, 2011


I guess I don’t quite get the “revolution” thing. Most folks (well not Hosni and others of his ilk, but) seem to agree that a nice peaceful transition from the Mubarak regime and a democratic government in Egypt would be preferred. A lot of people seem to think that Obama should be doing more to push out old Hosni, but what’s a guy to do? I mean, we’re not exactly in charge, are we? I’m sure the protesters aren’t really keen on allowing anybody remotely connected with Mubarak to remain in power. The appointment of his head of Intelligence services as the new VP couldn’t have been received as a good sign by the protesters, huh?
But the thing is, what should we really expect, say in the best of all possible worlds? If Mubarak fires all of his extensive political heads, shitcans his cabinet and dissolves his government, what happens next? Is there anyone standing there waiting to assume control, or do we think that anarchy is the best Plan B? Maybe we ought to send over to Egypt Rand Paul and a few other teabagger anarchists to consult with the Egyptian crowds on their next best steps to a successful anarchy. Alternatively, does a new government of human rights activists and democratic thinkers mysteriously appear and take over automatically, say like what happened in Iran? Oh, right, they actually had a government in waiting—theocratic terrorists.
The Egyptian bankers seem to be getting nervous, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but are they now poised to move in? A government run by bankers; now that might be interesting. Oh, wait, that would be the United States. Not such a hot idea, then.
So, is there someone, an Egyptian Thomas Jefferson standing by in the wings, ready to write up a new Constitution and Bill of Rights for the Egyptians? Somehow, I doubt it. More likely, is a guy backed by a lot of guns who is hankering to be President, and that doesn’t seem reassuring. Say, has anyone seen old “Shock und Awe” Rumsfeld lately???
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