Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Morons for Bachman

I wonder whether Michelle Bachman could really be as stupid as she sounds.  I mean, she makes Sarah Palin seem like a deep thinker.

Michelle’s latest is her proclamation that EPA is a job killer. Apparently Michelle prefers living in a polluted world in which Exxon gets to say how much oil in your drinking water is really ok, and smog from polluting cars is just the product of the overactive imagination of liberal-terrorists.  Michelle, let me say it. “You’re a world class idiot, an asshole of the first order. I assume that you are on the payroll of the Cock Brothers, your very own Lords of the Manors. “
Thinking of this dimwitted Minnesotan/Iowan as President is enough to bring back all the dark thoughts from the darkest days of the Shrub. No, he doesn’t look good by comparison, but I am reminded of the old “bottomless barrel” theory, in which it is held that each incoming administration is intended to make the last look good.  It didn’t work with Obama. No he didn’t make Bush look good, but Bachman just might. Remember . . .

Or even that classic . . .

We really need to begin thinking again in this country, and I don’t mean wishful thinking, because then we would need to:
“be careful what you wish for folks.”
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