Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Recovery?

Good news as of this morning. The koi's seem ok. No fish bodies floating on the surface, and they all came eagerly to our morning feast for them.

The air stone may have saved the day. Turning it on yesterday, after we saw them all gathering at the waterfall, in search of oxygen we believed, may have re-oxygenated the water sufficiently to give them what they obviously needed. With koi's, you can not be certain for a while how well they have accommodated to their near demise, but we are hopeful.
The pond again looks normal, and they are acting normal.

Let us hope.
And on another front, the Faux News Network now reports that God is really pissed at the righteous for presuming to know her. She has thrown this massive heat wave, especially at the South and West, where the righteous tend to congregate.  Unfortunately, her aim was a bit wonky and she hit Newark as well.

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