Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I am beginning to wonder what has happened to us as a people. While the republican clown show goes on and on, with prospective candidates prattling on about “freedom” for God’s sake, the killings continue.  Freedom? Really? Is that the best these clowns can do? I suppose it’s a better topic than more tax cuts, their other favorite topic when they have nothing else to say.

But why hasn’t John McCain said anything to us about Mr. Bales and his killing of innocent people, including children? No, instead, McCain yaks on about “victory”. What the hell would constitute “victory” for him? Should we kill everyone in Afghanistan?? Would that satisfy Mr. McCain’s bloodlust? He needs to see a shrink so he can rid himself of the need to achieve “victory” in Vietnam.
But Newt has nothing to say on this subject? I guess Newt is too busy trying to figure out his moon base thingie. And Santorum is still too focused on denying women access to health care, and denying married couples access to that exquisite pleasure his God gave to us—sexual congress.  It makes the world go around, but Rick considers it inherently evil.  Apparently killing innocents is just part of the game. Now, I am not surprised that Mitt hasn’t commented. He is, after all, entirely focused on money, profits, money and more money. He measures everything but how much profit an operation can deliver. Since Afghanistan isn’t exactly a profit center, I guess he remains uninterested.
And, beyond the atrocity in Afghanistan, no one has said anything about Florida, where the state legislators have converted the entire state into one giant OK Corral.  I think Florida is a great case example for why we need to observe and periodically rein in the worst instincts of state legislators.  The stalking and killing of a black teenager who was found armed with Skittles and a soft drink—sounds dangerous, Huh?—now makes the state a danger ground. I would suggest that the State Department should issue a warning about anyone planning a trip to Florida for any reason. It should now be listed as an unsafe territory, sort of like Somalia. Think of it. Anyone who considers himself in fear of his life is free to shoot to kill. One the other hand, doesn’t that make Mr. Zimmerman a potential target? Everyone should be in fear for their life when in the vicinity of Mr. Zimmerman.
And no republican commentary on this outrage. I suppose, for republicans, it’s a “state’s rights” thing.  And we know how well that works out, huh?
So, one more example of why this republican primary has turned into such a doofus parade—politics for the terminally stupid.
And on that exoplanet called republiciana, I hear that the Mittster will soon visit Charlotte, and will meet with some rich friends at a local country club. Mitt gives a whole new meaning to that term, “Country Club Republicans”. . I can’t wait for Mitt to tell us that, “I know Charlotte well . . . why some of my best friends own country clubs . . .”
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