Monday, August 13, 2012


So, I understand that Mr. Ryan is a great fan of Ayn Rand. I know that really the entire fascist wing of the Republican party--aka the teabaggers--loves Rand.  So, I was thinking that, as long as Mr. Ryan loves post-apocalyptic fantasy literature, maybe he should look into Mad Max and the Road Warrior as a guide to his visionary thinking processes. Perhaps Mr. Ryan sees himself as a Mel Gibson wannabe. I mean, the resemblance is striking.
But on the issue of budgeting, it does seem to me that, while fantasy literature might be ok for the VP to engage in to help give him a personality, perhaps a fifth grade math education might be a better preparation for his role as the ticket's fiscal conservative, especially since his budgets don't exactly add up to a balanced budget. Maybe he never learned "old peoples' math", and is too hung up on "new math", you know, the kind nobody really understands, unless they're fifth graders.
So, moving right along, Paul, let's hear you say it again:
"Let'm eat cake"
Hey, your Wife's name isn't Marie, is it???
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