Wednesday, January 16, 2013

But I Just Grew Out My Bangs!: A Cancer Tale

Katya L: A Love Story
Our good friend Katya Lezin just published another book, this oneBut I Just Grew Out My Bangs!: A Cancer Tale” recounts her life during her battle with ovarian cancer.  Actually, to be fair, Katya recounts the lives of her entire family, as she and they do battle with this often mortal enemy.  My take on her book is that it could have been titled, “Katya: A Love Story”.
Her tale, and it is a tale, hard to put down, wonderfully written, witty, sarcastic, awful in her details of the battle, is as much about love as it is about cancer. I was trying to understand how such a book was possible. It’s kind of like a book about climbing Mt. Everest, while simultaneously falling in love with your climbing team captain. You get all the details about just how hard it is to climb Everest, but you come away thinking, “wow, they really fell in love.”
Katya is unsparing in her detailed descriptions of her surgeries, and, most especially, her chemo, which provides much of both the horror of the treatment, but also the successful outcome—spoiler alert: Katya has survived and is now free of the cancer.
Katya is a special kind of person. She is someone who would make the best multitasking people in the world seem like slackers. If she isn’t doing six things at the same time, she is unfulfilled.  Her love for life, and her love for her family—a devoted husband and three wonderful, loving children, is what makes this book very special.  Throughout her battle, they are there, surrounding her in the glow of their love.  But her network of friends and medical partners also contribute heavily to her tale. Collectively, they help to assure her passage through this hellish period. 
Having seen her after her hair has grown back and after she has finished writing her book, we are amazed. She remains Katya, and that says a lot.
A wonderful tale, told by a very special person.  Her books are available at bookstores and at
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