Friday, March 8, 2013

Less is More

So, we have apparently a new marketing approach.  It might be called, "Less is More".  As seen in a friendly, neighborhood grocer, we give you . . . ta da!!!

Beefless Beef:

I ask you . . . what could be better . . . a whole new trend in marketing things that may be less than good for you.  For those who are not of the alcoholic pursuasion, we already have non-alcoholic beer, and lately, non-alcoholic wine. So, how about

Wineless Wine
Beerless Beer

And for folks who are wheat intolerant, we could market . . .

Breadless Bread

What could be better than "sliced bread"??? Well,
Sliced Breadless Bread . . .
Markets beware. We're coming for your money . . .
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