Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bottomless Barrel Theory

For a while, I actually expected Big Mac to burst out of some closet on stage at the Reps convention, laughing hysterically, and saying, “hahahahaha, I gotcha. You all really thought I had designated Sarah Palin as my VEEP pick. Hahahahahahahahaha.”
But no such luck. Then I was hoping for someone at least firmly rooted in the 21st century, since Big Mac’s brain is firmly rooted somewhere in 1973, still trying to figure out how to win the Vietnam War. People criticize him for not being Internet-savvy. But there was no Internet in 1973, and he hasn’t yet re-emerged.
So, some 21st century person, man or woman, would have been expected. But to reach back to a solid 12th century gal. Hmmm. That is really surprising. I mean, I know that the First Barbie understands 21st century pork. She certainly got the hang of that as mayor and then governor. But she wants to see our public schools teach Intelligent design, aka Biology 101 for the Stupid People. That really scares me. I know that the Reps have been busily trying to dismantle most of the middle class infrastructure over the past eight years. It now seems clear that the designers of that effort extend beyond just Shrub and his entourage of camp followers.
So, I expect to see an effort by Big Mac and the First Barbie to either scrap our public schools altogether, in favor of public vouchers aimed at Christian madrassas, or that they intend to eliminate Federal public funding altogether. Intelligent design. Wow.
And then there’s the issue of political appointees. If Big Mac was as cavalier about his VEEP selection as he was apparently, we should expect more of the same from him for the Federal cabinet posts and, lest we forget, his Supreme Court nominees (think Harriet Myers). It’s fast headed down from here, and we thought it couldn’t get any worse.
When I worked briefly in the Federal Government under Carter and Reagan, my colleague and I developed a theory about the political life of our Government. We called it “The Bottomless Barrel” theory. The theory goes like this. If you observe the political appointees of one administration, you will begin to imagine that they couldn’t possibly get any worse. Then in comes the next administration to prove you wrong. They create a whole new bottom level to the barrel. We decided that the primary job of every incoming political administration was to make the last one look good. Shrub really redefined that theory, as he did in every aspect of his presidency. Even some of his hacks couldn’t take it any longer and jumped ship. Big Mac is poised to take over and run everything further down hill.
Is this a great country or what??
138 days remaining.
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