Saturday, August 13, 2016

Reinvent the GOP

What to make of The Donald and his quest for power and admiration? Perhaps the most amusing of the many theories about the Donald’s quest is that he is part of a Hillary-inspired campaign to wrest the powers of government away from the Republicans after eight long years of Democratic rule.  At first blush, it has some plausibility. Donald persuaded to join Hillary in a mock Presidential quest, in which he would pretend to be crazier than he actually is in order to allow Hillary an easier win. The main problem with that is that he actually is as crazy as he seems.   Sarah Palin seems a model of sanity and intellectual brilliance when compared with The Donald. When people say, “oh, I love that he says what he thinks, without regard to political correctness”, they are howling at the moon. He really doesn’t “think” at all it would seem. He’s like an ADHD baby just learning to talk. He cuts loose with whatever crosses his mind at that moment, whether it makes any sense or not. He imagines that he is always making sense, whereas in reality, he is just babbling stray words.

It has begun to alarm me when I listen to people, commentators generally, trying to compare what he says with what Hillary says.  Hillary seems to me a normal politician. She has some good ideas and some not so good ideas. She sometimes bends the truth to make herself seem better. And her hubby created for her a world of crap. Mostly, it would seem, people hate her because Fox News says she is to be hated. Then, when The Donald called her Crooked Hillary, or Lying Hillary, his idiotic supporters, all of whom seem to love to hate, adopted that theme.  I listened in disbelief when the idiot Christie put on that performance, calling her “GUILTY”, and then saying that he was a prosecutor. I wanted to vomit all over him. Christie, for God’s sake. That Christie, the one who abused his office by inventing the Bridge trauma, and then lying about it. Yeah, that Christie . . . perhaps the worst governor in the history of New Jersey.

Still, people look at and listen to The Donald and imagine that he is somehow on the same planet as Hillary, and that they can be compared. There really are not two sides here. Trump is not a responsible candidate who just differs from Hillary in his policy positions. Donald Trump is a dangerous man, a narcissistic-sociopath, who periodically crosses the line of psychopathic behavior by suggesting to his crazed followers that violence is ok with him, even to calling out to his gunners (that Second Amendment crowd) suggesting that “action” could be taken by them should Hillary get elected.

Trump is in a class by himself. It occurs to me that his wife and children must be viewing his behavior with some considerable alarm. They must surely have observed his craziness in the past. They above all other viewers must understand that he is now a danger to the world, should the unlikely occur. It is, it seems to me, time for his family to call it all off, and to corner him in a room in his big house, and just lock him in until they can get the friendly neighborhood shrink to come over and administer some serious antipsychotic medication.  He needs to be: a) institutionalized, and b) on very serious medication.  This would be for his own good, for the good of his family, but mainly, for the safety of the only world we have. He needs to be removed from his current playground.

And then, someone needs to reinvent the Republican Party.  Declare the current entity bankrupt, and begin anew to conceive of a party that supports free enterprise, but with limits, and a party that has a brand new moral compass that declares all of its citizens as worthy of protection from the forces of evil that have been let loose by Trump, and his ally Fox News.

We need to begin anew.

The time is NOW.