Monday, January 22, 2018

Can We Be This Bad?

It is becoming difficult to comment intelligently on our increasingly bizarre pseudo-government headed by arguably the most incompetent CEO in the Nation, perhaps even the world.  Every day some new embarrassment occurs, generally triggered by that inept CEO, masquerading as our president.

And what is nearly as bad, it would seem that he—President Stupidhead—has unleashed every whacko and right wing fascist in the country to fill the airwaves with amazing pronouncements. The other day, I was listening to an interview with one of the many anti-abortion folks in the country. The interviewer asked whether she had any doubts about her support for Trump, given his behavior. She said something like, “well, all politicians lie, or say dumb things. I really don‘t care about those things. The only thing I care is about is his support for the anti-abortion movement.” First, he has probably paid for more than one abortion, given his sex history, so he is at best a pretend supporter of anti-abortion. But the lady’s utterance, suggested to me that, had Adolph Hitler espoused support for anti-abortion, this woman would have supported Adolph Hitler.  And the awful part is that I doubt she is actually pro-life (Hitler support aside) at all. Because, I assume that she will do nothing to actually support children once they are born. Instead, I think she is simply anti-sex. She is opposed to women enjoying sex for anything other than to produce babies, a classic evangelical stance.
And then there are the coal miners, who continue to support him because he promised to bring back coal jobs.  Now, when he fails to make coal king again, how will they rationalize their ongoing support? I imagine they will say, “well, he really has been trying, but the opposition democrats will not let him fulfill his promises. It isn’t his fault.”

And then, when his popular support drops inevitably to below, say, 20%, I assume he will go out on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, pull out a gun, shoot someone—anyone at random I assume—then claim that he is trying to defend America against the rapists and murderers allowed into the country by Obama and Hillary Clinton. And then his support will again climb above 20%.  And he will resume eating cheeseburgers in bed and watching Fox News.

Shitholes . . . I imagine all of the shitholes of the world are now marshalling their forces so as to empty their supplies of shit and mail them to Washington, DC, so that we take our place as the Number One Shithole in this poor benighted world. Yes, he will make America Great Again. We are the King of Shitholes!

And his supporters will applaud.

See, many of the commentators in our land still think that support for him will decline once . . . but once what? Everyone in America knows what he is like. We all know all the ghastly details of his awfulness. There are no important surprises left.  His supporters are like members of a religious cult, who, knowing that the cult is a scam, and that the priests are scum, continue to forge strong ties and continue yelling support, and even praying to their non-existent deities, because it is all they have.  There is nowhere for them to go, because all other avenues are closed and barricaded to them. They know everyone agrees that they are a true “basket of deplorables” and they are going to continue acting their respective parts faithfully.

Maybe we should stop calling them deplorable? But that wouldn’t help, because they don’t want forgiveness from the rest of us, or making nice. They like acting this way, supporting an awful narcissistic, sociopath who lies every time he opens his mouth, because, well, he is their narcissistic sociopath.

Will they stop voting for him, the next time around? Probably not. The only hope seems to be to seriously outvote them—like 2 or 3 to 1.  Not just beating him by 3 percentage points, but by 30 percentage points, just so there is no doubt this time around.  Oh, and then he will whine, but eventually he will go back to doing what he knows best—screwing the public out of its money.  And his kids can back to screwing the public out of its money also.

This is all fairly baffling to me. How this nation could have possibly changed so rapidly. I mean, I’ve been around for a while now.  The first presidency of which I was aware was FDR, and I have been paying attention ever since. Whether I agreed or disagreed with the person in power, or with the party in power, I still respected the fact that they seemed to be trying to better the nation. I never actually thought any of them were trying to destroy us as a country, a republic.  And yes, there were changes. I mean, Nixon??? Reagan??? How could we seriously elect such people? But neither seemed aimed at our utter destruction.

But now, we seem to have normalized bizarre behavior.  He lies; he is a serial sexual predator; he refuses to pay people who do work for him; he operates true fraudulent enterprises, without apparent penalty; he (allegedly) colludes with hostile foreign governments; he seems completely ignorant of any of the policies, programs and entities over which he rules; he makes formal pronouncements, ignorant ones at that, via Twitter, a braindead social media system. He has a cabinet that he apparently ignores. He taunts dangerous foreign powers, opening the possibility of nuclear disaster.  We could go on, but I am tiring.  All of the above are known to all of us. Yet, we continue allowing him to sit in the Oval Office as our CEO, making us the laughing stock of the world. We seemingly no longer care how idiotic we appear to everyone around the globe, from friends to foes.
And we just continue going on, making believe we can somehow survive and prosper again as a free nation.  It all makes me wonder just what the Germans thought somewhere in the 1940s.

I continue awaiting the adults to appear. Maybe we have none left. Perhaps they have all gone to bed, sucking their thumbs.

Later dudes and dudettes.