Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Drumpf Supporters

“Oh, Mr. Trump is a businessman, and I think the government should be run like a business.”

 “I’m a professional fisherman, and Obama has put me out of business” (no more fish because of overfishing by professional fishermen, so of course he is voting for Trump.)

“I’m a coal-miner and Obama has put me out of business” (because he advocates for renewable energy).

And from a Jordan Klepper interview of a Trump supporter: “ Barack Obama had a big part in 9/11-- not being around, always on vacation, never in the Oval Office.” “Why do you think Barack Obama wasn’t in the Oval Office on 9/11?” “That I don’t know. I’d like to get to the bottom of that?”

So sayeth Mr. Trump’s supporters.

I don’t know what is more terrifying. The sheer stupidity of some of Mr. Trump’s supporters, or what it is they hope to see him achieve while in office—yeah, let’s run the government like Wells Fargo, or HSBC. That’s the ticket.  I keep hoping against hope that America really is better than this. That the 40+% support for him is some kind of statistical aberration, or folks just having fun with pollsters. The fact that he seems incapable of uttering a full sentence without inclusion of some lie seems to be, a) clear, and b) reason enough to conclude he is incapable of assuming the mantle of the US Presidency.

And now, I read articles that predict violence by the heavily armed Alt-Right should Mr. Trump lose. That group, neo-Nazi’s all, appear to form the right wing core of the Republican Party. We think of them more benignly as “The Tea Party”, but we now know they are both KKK and Neo-Nazi in origin.  And violence by that group would present an interesting challenge to our government. Would we allow a group of heavily armed insurrectionists to mount a serious challenge to the American Government? Let’s see, let’s see . . . do we have any precedents for that? Hmmm . . . think April 12, 1861. And that was lots of fun, wasn’t it?

So this election is getting more interesting by the minute. Day by day, we observe sheer idiocy generated over and over by our Republican Party, you know that party that used to be one of our two responsible political parties?  Well, we now seem to have only one party, the Democrats. Republicans have sold themselves to a lying Carnie Barker and his narcissistic family. The Libertarian Party, such as it is, is too strung out on dope to even understand what an election is all about, and the Green Party, well it’s a bad joke at best.

And so we have the Dems, and their candidate Hillary.

And you don’t like Hillary, you say?

Well, get a fucking grip on reality folks. She is the best, most experienced person ever to apply for this god-forsaken job. And you claim you can’t vote for her?? Well, maybe it’s you who should be applying to leave this country. I’m sure Bashar Al Assad will welcome you with open arms.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

On 9/11

Who are we?

Are we simply murmurs in the night, sounds heard briefly by another, and then we disappear?

We arrive as if by magic. We roam the earth for a while, touching others, and being touched ever so slightly. We leave traces behind, traces of memories, ever so slight, and then the traces are gone into the mists of time.

Some believe they are majestic, like the mountains of the Himalayas. They shriek into the night, insisting they are forever grand, and will live on as the sun and the stars. But then they too are gone into the mists.

Those who awoke on 9/11 thought they were passing through yet another day, one more in the continuing saga we often call life.  And then, in a swift moment in time, they disappeared, taken away by a disfigured thought. And the takers were also gone into those mists.

And we think now, we remember those murmurs in the night.

But we don’t, can’t. Because we still think we are magic and we will survive, regardless of our own disfigured thoughts.

If only we knew, or could imagine. Perhaps we might smile more, love more, hate less. 

And then we too would be gone . . .

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

God, Trump & Hitler

I was just thinking, if God invented everything, and everyone, then she obviously invented Donald Trump, and all of his New Nazi followers.  Wondering why she would do something so obviously nasty for the rest of her creations.

Of course, to be fair, she also invented Adolph Hitler, and we all know where that ended. All this does make me wonder whether she is simply a figment of our collective imagination. Surely no actual god(dess) would do something so obviously nasty. Designed to shake the body faithful to its core.

So, on that note, why do the Trumpies actually follow him? Is this something like a belief in God(dess)? That is, regardless of all the contradictions, all the evident nastiness associated with him, the lies, the corruption, the multiple misogynies, racist, even sadistic behavior, the body faithful are with him.

He says he will bring back jobs . . . yet all of his actual business behavior suggests that he is personally responsible for outsourcing his products to other low cost countries.

He says he will build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it. Yet, Mexico says categorically, they will not pay for such a wall, and knowledgeable observers assert his wall probably could not be built anyway.

He rails about Hillary, basically calling her a crook, yet provides no evidence, and refuses to provide any evidence of his own health status, his tax behavior, his actual income, or his financial relationship with folks we consider our adversaries, i.e., Russians. His own behavior at least suggests a crooked lifestyle, e.g., failing to pay people who work for him, filing multiple bankruptcies (including marital bankruptcies), while sucking cash out of his failing businesses.

He has no actual policy positions on any subject that might be viewed as vital to our national interests—somehow “Make America Great” does not seem like a plausible policy position.  The fact that our actual standing in the world, and our actual economic performance during the current President’s tenure are radically more positive that he implies, are ignored by his happy band of followers.  They simply do not wish to know that Obama has been a moderately successful President . . . unlike, say, his republican predecessor who brought us unnecessary wars, provided an accelerant to the formation of ISIS, produced huge deficits, and failed to produce anything of value to the economy or to the world. Also, unlike that republican, Obama’s VEEP has never shot any of his friends in the face.

In terms of Make America Great Again, I am a bit baffled about how his body faithful views Trump University—an obvious scam that bilked thousands of dollars from vulnerable suckers, and has now been shut down.  He started a fake university, conned hundreds (thousands??) of people and then went back to his Mara Lago estate and had a couple of whatever it is he consumes to get his rocks off after a con. And his followers think that’s ok? Well, to be fair, he promises to deport all those druggies and rapists and murderers that our current Prez allowed into the country—well at least all the non-white ones.  I guess his cheerleaders love that promise.

But do his folks actually understand that he is lying when he says that?? Much like he lies every time he opens his mouth and words come tumbling out?? It seems, when his body faithful is informed that Trump lies, they stick their fingers in their ears and start going “Nyahhh, Nyahh, Nyahhh, I can’t hear you!” They do not wish to be so informed.

Which brings me back to 1930s Germany. There too, a body faithful formed, after the Armistice for the end of World War I. Germany, having started that unnecessary war, failed to win it and had to agree to disarm, yield lands they occupied throughout Europe, and pay reparations for the damage they caused. Germany suffered economically after the war, and continued to suffer even more after the global financial collapse of 1929.

Then along came Adolph. He had served as a minor corporal during the first war, could not make it in civilian life as a painter non-extraordinaire, and so he decided on politics as an alternative.  See, he never had the daddy-dough that the Donald inherited, so Hitler embarked on his political career much earlier than The Donald, who tried and failed to suck the life out of his country before entering politics.

But what was Hitler’s message? We were once great, before the Jews came along and sold us down the river. We can and will be great again! Just elect me, and I will make Germany Great Again. Hmmm, what could go wrong? And so the despicable little man embarked on his political career, rearmed Germany, and began his campaign to make Germany Great again. Of course, he didn’t stop at just deporting Jews. He rounded them up and then killed them. So far as we know, Donald has no thought of killing the murderers, rapists, druggies, and other LibTards who snuck into the country. He’s just going to kick them out.  I suppose, he might have to detain them somewhere before they actually get kicked out officially.

But why did Hitler succeed in conning the German people? Because they were pissed about the Armistice and what it required of Germany. And they thought they had identified the cause of their anguish—in their case, Jews. In today’s America, Immigrants.

Some segments of the American population are genuinely pissed. They feel economically left out, because they are economically left out. What they fail to understand is that The Donald is but one of many rich oligarchs who are the root cause of their problems. See, The Donald is Not the Solution. He IS the Problem!

Until these folks understand that simple fact, they will continue to support this lying, corrupt, despicable creature, this narcissistic-sociopath, who has serious, untreated ADHD. This man who is conning them at the moment, and every time he opens his mouth.

So, oh Godly One, you who supposedly created this creature, are you going to do anything to relieve us, since we are clearly too stupid to do it ourselves? Or are you just sitting somewhere, laughing a lot at this YUGE joke on humankind?