Sunday, December 21, 2008

Career Planning for The Shrub

So, I guess The Shrub won’t have to bomb Iran as the climax to his career. Overseeing the collapse of the entire global financial system should prove adequate. I believe it is now down to under 30 days (29 but who’s counting?) before President Doofus returns to his billion dollar mansion in Dallas. It leaves me breathless actually, watching all this destruction. Iraq, New Orleans, the entire oversight structure of the Federal Government, and now the global financial system. I leave out Afghanistan, since they seem to have brought all this wrath down on themselves.
But it makes me wonder what the Doofus will do once he leaves office. Jimmy Carter, our finest ex-President, has been running around the nation and the globe building houses for poor people and trying to bring peace and stability to the world. Ronald Reagan ran around giving speeches for several million each. Bill Clinton set up a foundation in an attempt to shore up weak places and also bring some order in the world. Al Gore, the guy we actually elected President, has been trying to sound the alarm about the need to change our ways—again peace and stability to a future world.
So, what might we expect of President Doofus? He’s going to be hard pressed to emulate Reagan. I mean who in their right mind would pay this guy to give a speech? He’s illiterate in two languages. So, unless he speaks some extinct language we don’t know about, he is hard pressed to be entertaining.
Still, I can’t see him playing bridge with the other Dallas suburban multi-millionaires. Most of them are probably trying to figure out whether to sell their Hummer, their Rolls, or the family silver on E-Bay to be able to make the mortgage payments on their several mansions. Tough to be so rich and so broke at the same time.
Can’t see the Saudi’s inviting him to dinner. Remember Osama Bin Laden? He was. after all, a Saudi.
Maybe he could become a Somali pirate. Yeah, that’s it, the perfect after-the-fall career. I mean, he’s been kind of a global hit man, he and his comrade in arms, Dickie Bird Cheney. Yeah, a real pirate. That’s the job.
Wow. I ought to go into the post-career counseling business.
I wonder what ever happened to the Dickie Bird? Where is that spider hole, anyway?????
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