Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Big Tent

Watching Fox News, reading about the (ex?) Nazi pope, and listening for the caveman grunts emanating from Rush Limbaugh is a fascinating exercise in, “is this a great country or what?” Think of it. We just inaugurated an African-American president, to the cheers of millions, while our Fascist-racist brethren are still allowed to grunt on in our public airwaves.  In many countries, one or the other might occur, but not both at the same time. In the Congo, the Fascista are running around the country hacking people up and raping and mutilating women and children.  In the Middle East, religious leaders issue death fatwahs against people who write books.  In China, the glorious leaders excise sentences from Obama’s inaugural speech because he mentioned Communists in a negative way (when they aren't busy shooting people in Tibet).

Yet here, a clown like Limbaugh can rant on in his racist language and people react with, “well, yeah, but he’s an idiot.”

So, I continue to have great hope, despite the worst intentions of republicans and their bigoted allies to rant and rave. It’s a big country, and I guess the tent is large enough to accommodate Fascists, Socialists (there must be a couple left surely) and the rest of us in the middle. Happily, the rest of us in the middle seem to be a growing segment of our population.

So, what’s left for me to rant about?

Well, next might be our financial community.

And regarding them, I have to continue believing that old axiom, “when you are faced with two possible explanations of some dire happening—incompetence, or malevolence—incompetence is usually the preferred explanation.

More, later.

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