Thursday, January 15, 2009

Four Days

We approach the day calmly, but with great anticipation. Partly, it is the thought that we are once again bringing intelligence back to the Nation, after eight years of a brain-dead Administration. But more, we hope to renew the Nation’s integrity. In large measure, George W. Bush has dishonored our Nation, turning it into a place that would be recognizable by the man he so readily, and easily defeated, Sadaam Hussein. His legacy is now secure. People have already turned away, looking ahead to renewal. I think, perhaps I simply hope, that at least the thinking people in this nation, be they Republican or Democrat, understand that this train wreck of a country, will take time, great patience, and an unbelievable amount of the nation’s future wealth, to heal.
Democrats are engaged in this healing process, Republicans are still licking their wounds. Whether those Republicans decide to join their Democratic colleagues, or resume their partisan sniping may determine how long and how successful is that healing process.
It is by no means clear to me that the Republican Party has learned anything of significance from their 8-year embrace of George W. Bush. Surely, their elevation of someone as insignificant as Sarah Palin to the number two spot on their ticket is not a good sign.
But we must and will move on beyond her and what she represents. The Nation moved to the brink of a precipice, and then, at the last moment, stepped back.
We must all now observe the progress we make in curing the dreadful ills we have embraced. We cannot allow Democrats or Republicans to once again march us away from our heritage as a Nation rooted in law. We need to return to the concept of Balance in everything we do. Unchecked power is what we fled from originally. Republicans under George Bush tried to return us to the days of royal governance. George Bush was ignorant and his view of the nation was grievously wrong, and dangerous.
When Republicans begin shouting Socialist at proposals brought forth to correct something that needs correcting, as they are now doing, we need to stop them. We need to define the term and contrast it with what we are proposing to do. We can no longer afford to allow Republicans to demagogue entirely sensible proposals.
But also, we need to engage Republicans and Democrats alike in devising solutions. We are a nation largely of two parties, both necessary to the causes we pursue. If Republicans refuse to learn from the past eight years, and decide to obstruct, rather than to participate, we need to clarify for the people what they are doing.
We will see very soon how this new government is going to work. If the thinking Republicans agree to join forces with the thinking Democrats, we can and will solve the problems we now face. If the parties will not work together, we shall all surely sink together.
We must not let that happen.
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