Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seating the Senator

To seat or not to seat, that’s the question. The righteous indignation over Gov. Blog’s insistence on naming Obama’s successor is getting amusing. The appointment is tainted. Tainted, tainted, tainted. Oh dear me, a tainted senator. Oh dear me.
I wonder how one knows a tainted senator. I mean, can you detect him/her as he/she walks down the center aisle? Do they smell funny? Or is it anything like the ability on the Seinfeld show to detect bathroom reading material? “Oh, we can’t exchange that book. It’s tainted.”
“Here comes senator Fussbottom. Have you heard? He’s tainted.”
So, why don’t they just seat him already? So what if he’s tainted. Most of the sitting senators are tainted by something, most by things much larger than Mr. Burris’ taint. I mean Blogo really sucks as a governor, and it’s true any appointment by him was likely to be tainted. But as far as we know, Mr. Burris neither gave him any money, nor promised him anything of value, unlike most of the sitting senators.
So, seat him guys. You’re starting to look . . . tainted.
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