Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to a New World

So, it’s here, the long awaited day is now history. My Bush “out-of-office” countdown clock went to "000". My Bush countdown calendar read “0 days left”, with one last Bush inanity, “I hope you leave here and walk out and say, ‘What did he say?’”

The crowds came, roared their approval, booed appropriately whenever Bush or Cheney appeared or were mentioned.  Justice Roberts screwed up the oath of office—is the man incompetent, or what? Aren’t we glad he’s heading up the third branch? Gives one a warm, cozy feeling, eh? So, Obama had a redo, in front of witnesses. I am assured that Roberts actually managed to read the words from the Constitution correctly this time. How reassuring.

I loved looking at the faces of those in attendance, like the woman pictured above. They were fairly glowing, as indeed they should have been.

Bush went off in his helicopter, reminding me actually of Nixon’s departure. Cheney I guess, is headed for his spiderhole in Wyoming. And so, they’re gone, awaiting history’s assessment that they are/were indeed the worst Prez-Veep pairing in the history of the nation. But, in any case, they are now officially toast.

So, now, on this new day, our President is fairly engaged in our battle for survival.  He clearly will not be joined in this momentous activity by his Republican opposition, since they have their own separate battle for survival going on, trying to prove to the world that they are not indeed an historical anachronism.  They seem intent on doing battle with the President, as their chosen strategy to demonstrate relevance. Their strategy is unfortunate, since it will make Obama’s task even more daunting than it already is.  I keep hoping that the few remaining thoughtful people in the republican party will begin speaking out for intelligence.  Fond hope springs eternal.

But on this day after the day after, we are hopeful. The challenges seem immense, but so we imagine were the ones facing FDR in 1933, the year before I was born.  I am thankful that we have someone of the intellect, the honesty, and the ethical stature of President Obama, all qualities lacking in the previous office holder.  So, now, let us all turn to the task. Let us all pull together on the oars, for surely, as in days past, either we all hang together, or we will hang separately.

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