Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bipartisan Chimera

So, is he giving away the store in fond hope of gaining bipartisan cooperation in the future? Dems increased the amount set aside for tax cuts, and decreased the amount for state aid and for school construction, a form of local aid.  All this, apparently, in an attempt to bring on board at least a few Republicans. The hard core, of course, will never follow. They are now slavishly following their new leader, the dopehead bigot Rush.  They are lost for all time. I wonder how Michael Steele, the Neo-Con nominal Black, feels now, having been crowned and then deposed virtually all within the week. And now A-Rod confesses to using illicit substances in his pursuit of athletic perfection. Perhaps he’s running for an important Republican leadership post, just behind Rush. I mean, why not?

But I digress.

I’m beginning to feel that Obama is being misled down some side alley to oblivion in his quest for bipartisanship. And I’m not really sure why he wants it so bad. He won one of the nastier elections on record, defeating this crowd that is now mocking him, the crowd lest we forget, that unleashed this hellish financial storm on the Nation. And now he wants their support? Why?

Does he think he will need it to gain approval in his other great quest, to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? I’m guessing they will stiff him there also.  Our President needs to listen carefully to the new leader of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh. Rush said it succinctly. “I want him to fail.” That is the new Republican mantra. “Fail, baby, fail.” How would one expect to gain their cooperation? If he succeeds, they fail. They’re playing a zero-sum game.

So, dear President, pay attention. We elected you to recreate our Nation, to return it to that wonderful place we used to have before the Republicans ascended to the throne. Do not, please, be led down some blind alley in this fruitless quest. The Republicans can either cooperate, get out of the way, or get run over. Their choice.

So, come back to the people, and dance with the folks whut brung you. Let’s treat this foolishness as a minor hiccup and begin again pursuing the mission for which we elected you. 

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