Friday, February 20, 2009

Live Like People

I’m wondering. What will life be like in, say, the 25th century? Or, I don’t know, maybe even the 30th century. I remember watching Star Trek, way back in the olden days of the 20th century, and hearing Captain Picard (remember old Jean Luc?) tell someone about how they had evolved to the point where nobody was paid money any longer. There was no scrambling to obtain greater wealth than your neighbor. I know, I know, sounds suspiciously like . . . SOCIALISM. Whoooaa. Nasty word that, huh?  But that was only a little point and not much made of it. The larger message I came away with, was, they didn’t seem to have any stupid people, like we do here and now. I mean we (peoples of the Planet Earth) have almost been taken over by stupid people. The election of Barack Obama could, I guess be a move away from the Revenge of the Stupid People, or it might be just an aberration. Let's hope he represents a trend.

A family member recently informed me that the good peoples of North Dakota have recently declared that fertilized eggs have full human rights. But when I asked whether the good peoples of North Dakota also accorded Gays and Lesbians the same rights as fertilized eggs, he said, rather sadly, “no, I think not.”

And then there’s the reaction to the Stimulus. Several (Southern) Governors have declared that the Stimulus Bill is just too evil, and so they MAY not participate (as in, may not take any federal money). I was thinking when I read that, “yeah, and I’ll bet Hell has begun freezing over, and pigs are flying over the Texas capital right now.”

And then I read about this guy, Mr. Stanford, who created and ran an $8 billion investment scam, apparently with the full help and cooperation of his accountants, the same crew no doubt that helped Mr. Madoff. And all the stupid people who were supposed to be watching over this kind of thing couldn’t quite figure it all out.

So, I’m thinking, you know, maybe by the 30th century, we will have weeded out all these stupid people, Darwinism-wise. And wouldn’t it be fun to be alive then? To see people just living out there lives, without trying 24-7 to live well by harming other people? I mean, wouldn’t that just be nifty? By then we really would have figured out that professional wrestling and organized religion are both fakes, and stopped paying attention to either one.  We wouldn’t be killing people in the name of religion, or patriotism, or just simple greed. We wouldn’t be beheading people just because we didn’t like what they said, or thought, or burning people who have a different skin color.

We might be just enjoying the blessed thing we call life.  The giggle of a baby, the smell of a rose on its branch, the sight of the sun rising early in the morning, or in its courtly dance with the night, painting the sky red and orange, so as to take your breath away.

And, maybe by then we wouldn’t go to bed at night worried sick that some financial wizard somewhere was plotting to eliminate all your money and your ability to survive, just because he could. Because, we would have weeded out all those sickos, and we could just live like people.

I look forward to that happening—Living Like People . . . everybody, now, say it . . . let’s all live like people . . . everyone.

Beam me up Scotty . . .

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