Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Pretend Party

Richard Burris just joined the cast of the “Oh dear me, look at what Obama is doing to our grandchildren” sitcom.  First came Mr./Governor Jyndal, with his fake Mardis Gras greeting, followed by his condemnation of those old Republicans, followed by his worn-out Republican tax cut non-solutions. Perhaps the star of the cast has been Judd Gregg, Mr. Sucker-Puncher. He’s worried also about his grandchildren and the debt we are bequeathing them.

None of these stars seemed concerned with the prior (RepubliCon) debt bequeathal machine, called George Bush II, or George Bush I, or his holiness Ronald the Reagan, all of whom contributed more to our national debt than all prior office holders in our history. Nor, do they ever mention the multi-trillion dollar deficit forced on the current Government by the stupid, criminal, and corrupt Bush Administration and his helpmates in the "Free-market" financial industry.

No, only now are they coming back to their religion of small government, fiscal discipline, “free markets” and God. How come the white collar guys who populate our prisons only come back to religion after they are caught having wrecked or corrupted the world?

We need to understand that Republican “values” are not real. They are pretend values. It’s like that children’s game, Let’s Pretend. Let’s pretend to be fiscally righteous. Let’s pretend to advocate small government. Let’s pretend we care about YOUR grandchildren—see they really do care about their grandchildren. That’s why they’re always digging into your pocket to line theirs and their friends. 

Their “free markets” aren’t “free”. They’re rigged by one side or another to benefit whoever does the rigging. Capitalism isn’t a “free market” system. It’s a system designed by one group to assure that its profit potential is protected.

They also pretend to care about morality, while routinely involving themselves in other people’s affairs—whether they are other governments, other lifestyles, or other religions. That’s immoral guys, as well as being simply disrespectful..

Once elected, they set about their tasks of reducing or eliminating anything that might remotely interfere with their buddies in big bidness, catering to their own special interests (as opposed to the Democrats’ special interests) and attempting to attack social network programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Oh, and for reasons I still cannot fathom, they seem opposed to quality public schooling—maybe because it is aimed at producing intelligent populations, and they prefer voters who are stupid.

I see that, so far, the public at large continues to reject their “Let’s Pretend” arguments.  But we must assume that, like periodic locust infestations, Republicans will continue to attack at every turn. They need to be relabeled from either Conservative (which they’re not)  or even Republican (Mr. Lincoln would be turning over in his grave) to the Mad Hatter Party. We need to laugh at them more. Happily, they’re the new fodder for the Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert Pretend News Shows. How fitting.

And on another front, George Will needs to shut up about global warming. He doesn’t know anything, and shows no signs of interest in actual science.  So, George, go back to what you and Ann Coulter do best—trash-mouthing liberals. Stay out of science.

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