Friday, February 13, 2009


Maybe Republicans grew tired of being outclassed by Obama. So, they decided to make him look foolish. Judd Gregg basically sucker-punched the President. He may protest, “No, I just changed my mind.” Yeah, right. And maybe he was confused, thinking that perhaps Obama was really John McCain in black-face.

For Gregg to approach Obama with an offer to join the team, allow that concept to percolate for a couple of weeks in the press, with all that feel-good stuff about a bipartisan team, and then abruptly withdraw, refusing to sign onto the stimulus package, is just too calculated.

So, maybe it really is time to stop making nice to republicans. They seem too much like Hamas—you know that bunch in the Middle East that keeps lobbing rockets at Israel every time Israel tries to make nice? Yeah, that’s the Republicans. Make nice to them, turn around to smile, and they’ll sucker-punch you every time. Nice guys that bunch.

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