Monday, April 6, 2009

Crazy Days

Hard to remember that President Obama has only been in business for a little over two months. One wag, commenting on how fast Shrub has become an afterthought joke, thought it remarkable, on April Fool’s Day, that a day had already been named for Bush.

But the problems the imbecile created, or simply enabled, remain to foul our global nest. The recent North Korea boffo missile launch just underscored the multiplicity of serious issues facing our new President. It’s almost grotesque when you think about it. I mean, Shrub & Co. inherited a huge budget surplus and relative peace on the planet (well, someone is always shooting someone, somewhere, generally in the Middle East).  That he ignored threats from Bin Laden and his gang of thugs was typical—he ignored almost everything after all, but especially hard facts and Truth.  As a result, he handed President Obama the most complicated barrel of snakes possible to imagine.

And the sniping has been relentless, certainly from the clueless Republicans, but now it’s coming from his own side as well.  Krugman is attacking from the left for not doing more and bigger things, while the right wing attacks for filling the land with socialist concepts. It’s almost enough to make you want to just turn it all off, or throw up . . . whichever comes first.

Meanwhile, the Fox News Crowd, masquerading as journalists, maintains its lenses on Michelle, as though we had elected her Queen of the Universe and it was their job to monitor her. Happily, Michelle is a classy lady, who seems able to ignore most the TV Idiocracy.

I’m trying hard to make believe it’s Spring, and I have more important things to do than worry about whether North Korea is lying about its “satellite” launch, which seems to have fizzled somewhere in the South Pacific.  We have baby fish in our pond, and they need and cry out for attention. Kim Jong Il or whatever he calls himself, will just have to wait. Maybe the Chinese will move in and put him in some basement apartment, while they take over—you know, like they did with Tibet.

And then there’s all the crazy people in the Middle East, with Israel beginning to resemble the other crazies, with its latest appointment to high office of someone who seems to need to be medicated. The Egyptians are growing tired of their “peace”, and I imagine the Jordanians are becoming similarly restive.  Maybe we can arrange a brand new approach to the Palestinian problem. How about, instead of that infamous “Two-State” solution that nobody seems to really want, that we arrange a three state solution—Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. Egypt gets Gaza, Jordan gets the West Bank, and Israel gets Israel and . . . peace. And the Palestinians have to give up throwing rockets and get a real day job in Egypt or Jordan—you know, like cooking falafel, or making some nice hummus.

That would be nice.

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