Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dumb and Dumber

Our dear Senator Richard Burr, after listening to a briefing on Capitol Hill, immediately rushed to the phone to call his wife. He told her to go immediately to their nearest bank ATM and begin withdrawing their funds. Take out as much as they would allow. Then go the next day and take out more. Then go the next day and take out more . . . but you get the idea.  Apparently, it never occurred to the good Senator that, with one check and a single visit to the bank, his wife could have cleared out their entire account. I would characterize his behavior as Insider Trading for the Terminally Dumb. Senator Burr has never given us any hint that he is of normal intellect, so perhaps I should treat this as another example of “suspicions confirmed.” But really, Senator, wasn’t that over the top, even for you? And, by the way, I didn’t hear you go immediately to the press briefing room to instruct the press lackeys that they should rush to their telephones to warn the public via their news outlets, of the impending bank crash.  Nope. You just warned your wife. Nice touch.

And on another front, the Republican-Rich-inspired TeaBagger marches were wonderful, weren’t they? I mean, those photos of the very rich marching to protest tax hikes on the very rich; definitely awe-inspiring. Makes me proud to be an Amurrican. Apparently, stupid invasions, eight years of deficit financing, illegal interrogation practices, black prisons, lying to the people daily, corrupting every agency of government, and, lest we forget, allowing one of our  cities to drown from a hurricane through inattention, never got the dander up of the very rich.  Now that this President wants to do something to begin stopping the hemorrhaging, and to fix the myriad problems created by rich republicans, only now do they find common cause in protest.

Ya gotta love the rich. Makes me think of that saying by Napoleon, “religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”

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