Friday, May 8, 2009

Politics as Comedy

This recession is really going well, huh? Unemployment just hit 8.9%, the banks are in a sucky financial position, although they deny it (the war is going well, we’re winning . . .) the automobile companies remain in a funk, and the Italians may now be masters of the universe (auto-wise). So, instead of the PT Cruiser, maybe we’ll be producing Fiat SUVs?? And did you notice who’s the largest shareholder of GM??? The unions?? Huh. That ought to work well.

And then there’s the republicans, always good for A few laughs. Apparently, the republican senator from Louisiana, David Vitter is in deep doodoo because he got entangled in some prostitution ring in DC. Vitter is a big “family-values” kind of guy, a true republican moralist one might say. Apparently, though, he’s toast now. So, guess who’s running to replace him—Ms. Stormy Daniels. Evidently, Ms. Daniels is a big-time porn star, so it only seemed natural that she would run to replace the slightly tarnished Vitter.  Ahh folks, you just can’t make this stuff up. It gets better and better. And we all thought political comedy theatre might end after Shrub left office.

And elsewhere, Bristol Palin has decided to become a poster child for abstinence education. While the father of her illegitimate child argues publically that abstinence education might not be the best answer for teens, Ms. Palin continues to believe it is (fond hope springs eternal?) and she is going to talk it up. The big question is whether she will appear on the poster in a bikini , or in her best maternity outfit. 

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