Monday, May 11, 2009

Under the Rocks

So I read that Dick Cheney is pumping for Rush. Seems right somehow. Darth Vader trying to promote the fat drug addict for higher political purposes.  But doesn’t it seem that Cheney has been out of his spiderhole more now than when he was the actual VEEP?  The good thing is that he continues to represent well the dark side of the Shrub. He’s like the undergrowth, the part under the rock, where nasty things lurk.  Having him reappear periodically is good for us all. It prevents memory lapses about why that administration will live in infamy.  I mean, the revelations about torture are one thing. But having Darth Vader appear now and again, with that creepy smile/snarl keeps us all on our toes. Those torture papers , and the thought of the “Principals Meetings” where they discussed and explicitly ordered torture brings thoughts of the Wannsee Conference where the Nazis planned the holocaust. It’s not the same thing I know. But maybe this particular group simply didn’t have enough time.

And now Rush keeps arguing that Republicans need to hang in there and stick to Republican principles. And what would those principles be, Rush? I suggest that the only principle of which I am aware, that Republicans still hold near and dear to their hearts is:

“Hoist up the ladder Jack, I’m aboard.”

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