Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dumb and Dumber

As I was reading this morning about the sale of GM’s Hummer Division to the Chinese, I was struck by the sheer perfection of the whole thing. I mean, what vehicle most perfectly symbolizes the total idiocy of the American automobile industry than the Hummer? They took a Die-Hard military vehicle, and converted it into an American luxury car, assuming by luxury you mean expensive and totally lacking in taste. I have always been kind of interested in ugly cars. Like the French Citroen in the 1960s. Now there was a really ugly car. I was almost tempted to buy one, just to say that I owned the ugliest car in the world.
But the Hummer is really in a class by itself. It practically screams to the World, “I have no taste, but lots and lots of money. I bought this car just to show you that I have more money than brains.” The perfect car for hedge fund managers, or bankers. And the really fascinating thing is that a bunch of guys at GM actually sat around a conference table and discussed, almost rationally (and probably with a quart of whiskey), the whole notion of producing this car for the domestic market. See, they actually knew about the existence of a rich group of low-class people. Who knew?
So, my hats off to GM for pulling off this brilliant sale. The Hummer will now be made by the world’s dominant producer of crap, the Chinese. You rock guys.
And on another front, Republican anarchists are now gathering in Raleigh to stage another tea party. They don’t want to pay any taxes. After eight years of Republican “Charge and Spend” profligacy, they now want to walk away and make believe that taxes are unnecessary and possibly wasteful. They’re damned mad and they want those “tax and spend” democrats to know it. Huh!
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