Thursday, July 30, 2009

Krystol Lite

Amazingly, Jon Stewart the other night, braved the elements to have William Krystol on his show. Krystol, best known as the orchestrator of the 1993 republican plan to kill health care reform, is now embarked on the 2009 campaign. His refrain, “what health care crisis” in 1993, coupled with Harry and Louise, managed to derail the Clinton effort before it ever left the station. Apparently, Krystol doesn’t consider 50 million people without health care to be a crisis. He also doesn’t view being denied care by a corporate bureaucracy because of a “pre-existing health issue” to be a crisis. Clearly, Krystol has never been denied anything in his precious life. He also, in his last battle, suggested that his real aim was to deny Democrats another triumph like Medicare or Social Security. The only thing that terrifies him more than a democrat for President, is another large, successful program that benefits millions of Americans. He prefers smaller, albeit more expensive programs benefiting the insider group known colloquially as multi-millionaires.
And when he isn’t decrying “Obama socialism” , his other preoccupation is boosting the stock of Sarah Palin, aka Sarah Barracuda, aka Sarah the Impaler. Now that Sarah has left the stage to begin her main focus in life, raising money from stupid people for her run for the Presidency in 2012, Krystol is behind her all the way. See, the thing is, Krystol and his right-wing gang, love stupid presidents. That way they get to control what’s done. The last thing they want apparently, is a smart republican candidate. I look at the evidence here—Ron Reagan, the two George Bush’s, John McCain, and now Sarah Palin. Together they are still a few beers short of a six-pack. But Krystol, et al, were fully in control during those Republican glory days—you remember those days—high Federal deficits due to stupid taxation policies, illegal/unnecessary wars, the collapse of the entire S&L industry (George I) and the collapse of what remained of the global financial system (George II). Yeah, those were the good old days, when people like Krystol manipulated the puppet strings behind the curtain.
So, now little Willie is setting up for the next round of battles to protect his personal fortune and those of his mega-wealthy friends.
Stewart got him to acknowledge that a Government-run health care system was the finest (that care system delivered to troops). Since those of us on Medicare Also think that the Government runs a much more efficient and more caring medical system than the private corporate goons, we can only wish him ill in his benighted effort to kill this second attempt. Unfortunately, he seems to be succeeding this time around also.
We can only hope that, as Mr. Winston Churchill once said of us, “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing...after they have exhausted all other possibilities."
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