Monday, January 11, 2010

Chinese Reliability

You know, I really love companies that can demonstrate repeated reliability in their product line.  So, when I read today that the Chinese had moved away from using lead in their toys and other products, cuz, you know, lead is dangerous, I thought, it's nice to know they're listening to somebody.
So, what did they switch to?
Cadmium! For those of you uninitiated in the properties of Cadmium, read on:
"Cadmium was for a long time used as pigment and for corrosion resistant plating on steel. Cadmium compounds were used to stabilize plastic. With the exception of its use in nickel-cadmium batteries, the use of cadmium is generally decreasing in all other applications. This decrease is due to the high toxicity and carcinogenicity of cadmium and the associated health and environmental concerns."
So, it turns out that the Chinese, discovering the toxic nature of lead in children's toys, decided to switch to Cadmium instead.  Yep, they have been selling little cadmium reindeer trinkets for kids to use as a necklace pendant. Sweet! Your little precious girl gets a brand new Rudolph the Reindeer necklace made of 90% cadmium, wears it around her neck, and subsequently suffers from brain damage, or cancer.   These little charms were sold throughout the US in "regional and national chains"  (Wal-Marts maybe?).
So, how's that for consistency and reliability?
What's next. teething rings made of reprocessed uranium spent fuel rods?
You have to hand it to the Chinese. They really know how to please their customer base.
And elsewhere, Homeland Security is beefing up its scanning of breast milk and shampoo at our leading airports. Can't be too careful now, can we?
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