Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taking Names and Kicking Butt

Ok, it seems to be time for President Obama to cease being a community organizer and begin acting like the Number One Honcho in America. I know that his community organizing experience stood him in good stead in getting elected. He managed to stimulate folks at the local level all over America. Well, to be fair, George W. Bush helped. I mean having the most catastrophically bad/destructive/evil administration in the history of the Nation managed to get people’s attention. The community organizing thing helped enormously in giving the energized local folks something to do—get out the vote to elect somebody other than a doofus Republican as President.

But now, our man in the White House really needs to understand that he isn’t the head of OEO. He’s the Head of the Nation. So, he really needs to begin taking names and kicking butt. George W. Bush didn’t get his reputation for nothing. In addition to all of his really terrible decisions (making war against the wrong country, instituting a totally irresponsible financial system that has now almost bankrupted us, degrading our global reputation by turning us into a bunch of idiotic 19th century cowboys) he made war against the American Government by appointing bad apples to run every department in government, and then telling them to thwart the basic missions of those departments. "Heckuva job Brownie" was simply acting out the part for which George Bush cast him, and instructed him. But he was hardly alone. As a result, every Federal agency in our government is now, at the least, barely functional; many are downright incompetent. The most recent cases in point seem to be the Secret Service and the White House Social Secretariat.

The recent revelations about the third gate crasher at an official White House dinner only serve to underscore the case of official incompetence. But guess who’s getting the blame? Why President Obama, of course. All of his "friends in high places” have been busy ducking the charges of incompetence, allowing those charges to fly straight past them and landing at Obama’s doorstep. I know it isn’t an American practice to resign on principal, but the President really needs to begin accepting some letters of resignation. Let’s begin with the head of the Secret Service, and the official White House Social Secretary. They need to resign now. Then, we need to move onto Mr. Emmanuel. Rahm, baby, you need to be packing your bags, now.

Those are easy. Then the President needs to begin ransacking the Houses of Unintelligence—the CIA and probably the FBI. Those two haven’t gotten anything straight in the past 25 years. We probably can’t just blow them up and start over, but we need a wholesale, top level series of resignations, i.e. firings. Since the CIA can’t seem to ever comprehend its intelligence inputs, someone needs to begin asking why we collect all this stuff. People need to go.

President Obama, we love you dearly, but we really, really need you to begin acting as our man in charge. So, start taking names and kicking butt. Our government used to be at least as competent as our corporate world. Oh, I guess it still is, if the collapse of the entire commercial sector is any indicator.

And elsewhere, the Racists of America, aka Republican Conservatives have begun a campaign to publically declare that their War on Terrorism is actually a 21st century Crusade against all of Islam, by arguing for racial profiling at all airports. Way to go guys.
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