Sunday, February 21, 2010

CPAC and other Lunatic Fringes

I gather that Glenn Beck satisfied the insatiable quest at CPAC for lunatic rage the other night. The republicans, if indeed CPAC is still republican, are morphing under our eyes into some alien creature that is hostile to American values, and even seemingly to the very notion of democracy.

They have declared war on America, and we are supposed to choose between their lunacy at the far, far right edges of the universe, and the continued laissez-faire dysfunctionality of the current Democratic party leadership. I keep waiting for President Obama to announce that, “enough is enough, children, it’s time to return to sanity.”

We seem to have two truly weird political parties in America today.

Republicans who march now in robotic fashion to the rants of the extreme edges of their party’s right wing.

Democrats who most resemble herding cats.

If we cry out for leadership from Mr. Obama, it now seems clear there really isn’t anyone to lead. His party has moved out from under him and disappeared into some fog. I keep thinking, “suppose they gave a government and nobody showed up?” I assume there are still good people out there somewhere, but they just seem not to be working in Congress at the moment. They are perhaps too busy sucking their thumbs in the coat closets of the houses of the people.

And on the republican side, they seem to have no leadership at all, but rather most resemble the kind of angry mobs that led, in France, to continued use of the guillotine to eliminate the nasties in power. The so-called moderate voices in the republican party have melted away, leaving the platforms to people like Mr. Beck, who, if not actually crazy according to the latest psychiatric codes, seem in desperate need of medication.

A case is being made by some writers for a new third party of the political middle. Perhaps, with the two fringes engaged in an enduring cat fight, a middle party seems like such a nice thought, a wish devoutly to be desired, as someone once said. It won’t, really cannot, happen of course. But, still, it’s nice imagining another world where America returns to sanity and can once again play the role of responsible adults.

And elsewhere, Mr. Timothy D’Annunzio who is running as a REPUBLICAN for Congress from the eighth district in North Carolina, announced that, after he succeeds in unseating the current democrat, he will begin his work to eliminate the entire Federal government, aside, of course, from the Department of War, his all-time favorite government institution.

Click your heels, Dorothy . . .
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