Monday, February 15, 2010

Wise Sayings of Dick Cheney

Oh my, where does one start in this weird world we are inhabiting? I heard that Dickie Bird Cheney emerged briefly from his spiderhole to attempt to cast another spell on the world. Oddly, the people who exist to tell us what’s happening in the world gave him some PR time to tell the world that President Barack HOOSANE Obama continues to endanger the world that he had left in such splendid shape. He advises that Barack should be on his knees thanking George W. Bush every day for doing such a wonderful job . . . heh heh heh . . .
And when asked what he thought of Cheney “speaking in tongues”, Joe Biden just said, “well that’s Cheney isn’t it.”

Elsewhere, the NY Times reports that Greece was helped into its gigantic hole in the ground by Wall Street CEOs “doing their thing”. Yeah, it turns out that, however stupid Greece officialdom is, Wall Street CEOs can always be counted on to up the ante. By creating new instruments of debt with funny names, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs enabled Greece to go from a bad credit risk to a catastrophically bad risk and to hide that fact from the EU. Yeah, apparently after they created ways to hide the Enron credit risks from the public, they turned their attention to foreign affairs—national governments, after all, have so much potential for graft. I guess this was all part of the Bush-Cheney Administration plan to rid the world of governments, so they could become Co-World CEOs. Governments, we know, are such a pain in the ass.

And now, I’m awaiting the teabag revolution to hit Washington. Anarchy is such a promising alternative to dysfunctional government. But there’s hope yet. Remember Winston Churchill’s take on America – “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing . . . after they have exhausted all other alternatives.”

Take it away Sarah Barracuda . . .
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