Monday, March 22, 2010

health care reform . . sort of

So, the Dems finally did the right thing and voted to change the way we finance health care in this vast, screwed up nation—at least some of them did. Our own congressperson, Larry Kissell, decided that he would join the republicans , thereby assuring that we would not vote for him again come this Fall. The reform leaves out the main thing I wanted to see—a single payer system, and they couldn’t even muster the courage to include a public option. Still some progress to cover the uninsured, and nullify the worst excesses of our rapacious health insurance industry, remains largely good thing, a plus for the American people.

I realize that many people will be disappointed, even “shocked, shocked” to discover that congress would dare do such a thing. Those who seem most outraged are the small army opposed to Gay rights, and a woman’s right to choose. They are supportive of life in the womb, while remaining opposed to life outside the womb.

And it remains to be seen how the American people will react to this mostly courageous act of congress. The bullies at the Faux News Network and its tail, CNN, will of course begin screeching immediately. But they screech about everything Obama wants to do, since they are both racist and fascist. I wonder sometimes how the actors who play reporters on the Faux News Network feel each day as they assume their roles as either crazy people or neo-fascists. I wonder whether any of them actually regret taking all that money to dupe the American people daily. Still, if you’re a failed actor who couldn’t make it on Broadway or in Hollywood, I suppose a daily gig on the Faux News Network is not all bad.

So let’s see whether the Senate has any cajones.
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