Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let the Games Begin

So now, onto Stage Two. That's the stage in which Republicans deny that they have lost a conventional legislative battle--one side had more votes--why how tyrannical of those dems. They actually chose voting as a way to resolve disputes. Republicans seem to prefer demagoguery (or just lying) and shouting/crying on their main PR outlet--the Faux News Network.
So now the standard Republican strategy of last resorts--States Rights. Let's see, when was the last time, they used this strategy? Why, I think it was in the 1960s, when they attempted to roll back the Civil Rights legislation. It was also used in the argument that produced the Civil War.
This would all be more interesting if it were about anything more than simply attempting to deny Democrats a victory. Because that's how the Republicans have cast this great battle--it's a "Win-Lose" game. From the beginning, even before there was a health care bill, they mounted their all-out assault, specifically to kill the Obama Administration. Any legislative victory by Obama was to be denied--anything really large, like Health Care Reform, they would use any ammunition they could find, or really invent. So, they resorted to their main tactic--lies. They lie with great facility. And they can't claim it is some guys off in a dark corner doing this--no, their main republican partners--from Sarah Palin to the ever-present Willy Krystol, and their Darth Vader character, Dickie-bird Cheney--all are in the business of lie-creation. Because that's who they are.
All this, so as to deny health care to some 40 million Americans. Way to go Republicans.
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