Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Mad Hatter & Christian Militias

We are reading increasing reports about the growth of Christian militias in the country. We have the story of the Hutaree group, intending to kill policemen and spark a general uprising against . . . against what is not clear.  The groups seem to be against the United States broadly, the government more specifically. I guess Christian militias are vaguely anarchic, favoring only Christian forms of government, much as the Taliban in Afghanistan favor Islamic governments. We might properly refer to the Christian militias, therefore, as the military wings of the Christian Taliban.
It is worrisome that the United States, in the midst of The Great Depression: Act Two, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Republican Party, would now be facing groups that desire either a schism, or a revolutionary takeover by religious fundamentalists. Like it’s not enough to have to worry about  the collapse of the global financial system, we now have to worry about crazed religious groups armed to the teeth.
Apparently, nobody told these groups about the wars we have been fighting for the last nine years, wars that continue to kill American soldiers almost daily, and that are being fought to contain, if not eliminate, precisely the same groups of religious fundamentalists from taking power in places like Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.  One can only look on in awe at the gradual deterioration of the overall sanity of the American body politic.For a close look at the most likely results of armed and dangerous extremists, one might listen to Rachel Maddow's tape recordings of the extremely crazy Timothy McVeigh--remember old Tim who killed innocent kids and adults in Oklahoma City??
Meanwhile on another front, the Mad Hatter and his teabag express continues to roar around the nation in its quest to eliminate all federal taxes, while meanwhile yelling about the growing federal deficits and the mountainous national debt.
One can only wonder . . .
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