Friday, April 9, 2010

Mad Hatters of the Right

Our friends in the “Loyal Opposition” are at it again. All the candidate-wannabe’s are out on the stump, making themselves ugly by attacking the President. It’s the latest version of the Chutzpah Express, roaring through the countryside, to whistle stops near you.
The Newtster and his favorite gal Friday, Liz Cheney, were tea partying and yelling about Obama being a radical—amazing. This from the guy who took out a contract on America, and then shut down the Government, just because he could. If you thought that Newt as Speaker of the House wasn’t dangerous enough to the Nation, imagine Newt as our Prez.  Newt seems to be following in the footsteps of their beloved Saint Ronald, who famously declared that Government wasn’t the solution to any of our problems, but rather Government was the problem. Why do these bozos who seem really to despise our Government, continue to want to head that despicable thing? And then, when they do, they appoint total incompetents to run the place so as to make their fantasies about government come true.
And Lizzie, the Gal Friday, who now sits in for Darth Vader, when he isn’t himself available, is weighing in. I guess she’s decided that daddy was playing too nice, so she’s going to show us what nasty is really all about. And she has such amazing credentials to talk about Government policies.
I keep wondering where the republicans find all these people. I mean, is there some set of special republican criteria you need to possess to become a member of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party? Let’s see, you must be:
Totally self-absorbed
Lacking any concept of community
Lacking any sense of humor
Congenital Liar
Obsessed with becoming rich
Unwilling in the extreme to pay for those few government services you like (e.g., making war just because you can).
I probably left out some, such as mental stability, but we all know about those things. Is this disgusting spectacle what our political process has degraded to? What ever happened to the lofty rhetoric of the founding fathers? Whatever happened to the sanctity of this Grand Union? Why do republican tea partiers insist on reigniting a 21st century Civil War?
Have they at last, no shame?
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