Monday, May 3, 2010

Republicans and Their Oil

So, how’s that “drill, baby, drill” working our for ya, Sarah, you bimbo? The BP well continues to leak at a rate of 200,000 gallons per day, dwarfing even the Exxon-Valdez tragedy.

And, guess what? It turns out that there is a good shot that Dick Cheney and his minions played a role—not certain, but a good shot. For one, his old buddies at Halliburton supplied part of the cement gadgetry that was supposed to secure the well and keep it from leaking. Halliburton, not one of the world’s reliable suppliers, has supplied inadequate equipment in the past, leading to a giant spill off Australia’s coastline. Then there’s that secret energy task force that Dickie Bird chaired, but wouldn’t tell us anything about. Turns out that the task force vetoed the need for oil drilling companies to employ an acoustic switch that would likely have prevented this spill—they thought it too expensive and unnecessary. So, our very own Darth Vader is at the least “involved” although he ain’t talk’n.

Then there’s the de facto head of the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh. First, old Rush, never one to actually engage his muddled brain before speaking, told us that the explosion was probably caused by environmental groups, as a way to gain support for their anti-offshore drilling positions. Then when that seemed too ridiculous even for Tea Baggers to buy, Rush changed his song to one advocating that we should just let nature take its course and correct this little problem. No need to rush about doing anything.

I am waiting for George Will to weigh in next, by telling us that, like the absurd Arizona anti-immigration law, perhaps this was just one of the things we could all learn to live with. Come on, George, we’re waiting . .
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