Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thanks Mr. Moyers

The audience sits in rapt awe, listening intently. Then the lights dim, and the curtain falls. And a legacy program ends. Bill Moyers sits and tells us that he is now 76, and there are things he wants to do before his wonder of a life is ended, things that do not mesh easily with the demands of a weekly news show, of the caliber he has been delivering for years. So, The Bill Moyers Journal is at an end, the single best program on television, bar none.
My wife and I have watched, really in awe, at Moyers’ ability to deliver week after week, a program, of such intelligence that, at the conclusion of each show, we would sigh and say, “well, he did it again.” The Journal brought more than craft to an art form—discussion of recent events of national import-- that long ago withered and become a bad joke on other networks. Only PBS has managed to remain above the degrading spectacles imposed on us by the Faux News Network, CNN and their poor cousins, ABC, CBS, and NBC.
Weekly, Bill Moyers brought us intelligent, thoughtful guests, an amazing array actually, and joined with them in a thoughtful discussion of important issues facing the Nation. No shrieking, no phony Beckhole tears, no broken Palinesque English. It has been a dazzling feat to remain an objective, thoughtful, quiet discussion venue, a reliable place to escape from the vast wasteland called Cable TV. Intelligent conversation . . . what a concept.

Thanks Mr. Moyers, and thanks to your entire crew who aided in the production of this masterpiece of public journalism in action. We are indebted to you.
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