Monday, June 14, 2010

Teabag Anger

I just finished reading yet another article purporting to describe and understand why the teabaggers are so furious about everything. What gives rise to this almost visceral anger? The author’s answer is that the teabaggers feel betrayed, almost like a lover betrayed. They have lost control of their beloved, the country that existed in their imaginings—the one that gave them Hummers in which to cavort and thumb their noses at the common people.

This explanation has some substance to it, but I am thinking that it lacks one element—race. Imagine the high school football quarterback, in love with the high school prom queen. He’s cruising through high school, the BMOC, and nobody better get in his way. Suddenly, his sweetheart tells him that it’s over, their nice romance. It was great while it lasted, but she’s fallen in love with someone else—not just anyone else either. She has fallen for the star football running back, who happens to be a straight A student, and, ahem, BLACK.

“Excuse me, honey, what did you just say?”

”You have fallen in love with who?”

She confirms, as he begins to sweat, and then stammer, and then he walks off in a cold fury.

Now, what does he want to do? Get on with his life? Nope.

He wants to trash her . . . and him.

What he wants is his old life back, the one without the Black guy.

The big problem here is, what do we think he will do next?

Will he try to off the Black guy?

Stay tuned to Faux News Network's newest drama, for the next chapter of:

Teabagger, A Love Story.
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