Friday, July 16, 2010

The Pope as Misogynist

The latest papal missive really perplexes me. The Church, as I best understand it, has now declared officially their view that ordaining women as priests is as bad, perhaps worse, than priests raping little boys. Huh? I mean, are you guys really aliens from Planet X, in disguise all these many centuries?

I really had thought that the Holy Roman Catholic Church could not possibly sink any lower than it has. Clearly, they know no bottom to their dismal performance as amoral actors in this play we call spirituality. Someone needs to advise the pope that, when you’re in a hole and want out, the first advice is to stop digging. But maybe, because the pope is an infallible Nazi, nobody wants to cross him. He might do something drastic like excommunicate them . . . hahahahahahaha. Wow, what a threat huh? “If you don’t do my bidding, I will officially kick you out of my cesspool.” That’ll keep thinking folks in line.

Still, there is this thing about the faithful. I guess if the Ayatollahs of the world can keep youngsters blowing themselves up in crowded marketplaces, the pope will likely keep most of his flock of sheep in his encampment.

And on another front, the Intelligentsia of the Republican party have declared their belief (faith??) in the theory that tax cuts result in higher Federal revenues, and therefore need not be offset by other cuts. I think that refers to the so-called Laffer curve, which St. Reagan pursued in an attempt to produce the highest budget deficits in the Nation’s history. Reagan’s problem was that he hadn’t yet considered Shrub, so far the historic leader in stupid tax policies. But there’s time to see even more disastrous tax policies. Think of what Sarah Barbie could do with real money . . .
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