Saturday, July 10, 2010

Republican Extremism

Michael Gerson, Daddy Bush speechwriter, and SC Rep. Bob Inglis, recently cast aside by the Republican body faithful for being too reasonable, are both decrying the takeover of their party by extremists. The problem: they have no actual strategy for reversing the Murdoch-inspired coup d’etat. Further, they seem not to understand that what corrupted their party was not just a natural drift to the right over time, but a conscious strategy by Rupert Murdoch to change the face of Republicanism, and perhaps of America.

It is not accidental that the party is now led by people who were created by Murdoch. Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, and the very large wrecking crew they have assembled, seem little more than actors to me, cast in the role of super-patriots, while playing the polar opposite role of Democracy-destroyers. America is essentially a country of people who worship themselves. Individualism reigns supreme in this country, but it is a worship of “Me first, Me-only.” in which Murdoch plays to their worst “me-ism” instincts almost perfectly. Everything on his network, and every “leader” he creates plays to the notion that the American Government is all about eliminating their personal freedoms. This fictional tale of woe  approaches the character of a religion, or a cult if you prefer, with Murdoch as the Wizard behind closed doors, manipulating their hopes and fears.

Gerson, Inglis and others of their ilk (potentially responsible republicans) need to understand the game that is being played, because, unless they understand the content of the strategy that is being employed to destroy their party by building a replacement, and potentially dangerous party in its place, they stand no hope of recovery. Indeed, it may already be too late. I see the party intellectuals standing on the sidelines, “tut-tutting”, a form of fiddling while their Rome burns fiercely. What is not at all clear, is what percentage of the American voting population has already been converted to this Murdoch extremism.

Stay tuned. The November election will provide some solid evidence.
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