Sunday, August 29, 2010

Beckholes We Have Known

I keep wondering whether the American people will ever catch on that Beck and Palin are basically highly paid employees of Rupert Murdoch and that he is the guy behind the screen pulling the strings—ahh, where is the Great Wizard of Oz when w e need him? At least he showed some pizzazz. Beck is just the stuff of Nazi Germany in 1930, except here we have an Australian billionaire putting words in his mouth, instead of a megalomaniacal racist murderer—ahh, but there’s time yet, isn’t there Rupert?

Apparently, between Rupert and the Koch family, even greater billionaires than Rupert, we have quite a set of heavy hitters, attacking our democratic system of government. Clearly, they don’t like America as it has stood over the past couple of hundred years and they wish to change it. They align themselves with racists like James Hagee, and complain about terrorists right here in America, while simultaneously being partly owned by a Saudi oil billioinaire money who is tied to terrorists.

They are reliable, though. They adopt names for their fronts, like America First in the old days, so they will have a patina of pretend on their efforts. We long ago learned that the republican party learned the lessons of labeling—Clear Skies Act to cover a legislative bill aimed at reducing controls over industrial polluters.

They’re also reliably Christian, in the mold of the Christian Taliban, that is. Nothing remotely subtle about this crowd.

So the Beckhole had his rally to restore honor to America and Palin promises to “take back “ America, not that she’s being political or anything. Actually, the only thing Sarah is about is collecting as much as money as possible before her brass ring turns to crap.

And on “taking America back”, I think it is time to recycle. I wrote a while ago a small piece that I think needs retelling, and with it I will end this tiresome tirade.

Getting a Grip

I have begun thinking that Republicans have lost their grip on reality altogether. In watching an episode of the Jon Stewart show, he played a few bits from recent Fox “News” shows. Glenn Beck yells in rage that this is no longer “his country.” People attending the pseudo-town hall meetings are seen yelling about how they are scared of Obama, with one woman yelling that she “wants her country back.” Jim DeMint of South Carolina, a congressman who has been compared with Jesse Helms, informs his constituents that the United States is now like Germany under Adolph Hitler. They seem vaguely psychotic, or simply good actors feigning rage.

I started thinking that these crazed people need to get on the road and begin driving.

First, I thought, they need to drive all the way out to Arizona, to Canyon de Chelly, where the Navajos have a reservation, with a history dating back to 950 AD, when the Anasazi lived in the pueblos there. It would be useful for these people to ask permission to attend a Navajo council meeting, so they could address the assembled Navajo people on their fervent wish to “take back their country.” I am left wondering what the assembled Navajo people would say to them.

Then, after they leave the Navajo reservation, I would suggest that they drive East, maybe going first to Detroit . . . inner city Detroit. I would suggest that they attend a Sunday church service in a black church there, and that they address that assemblage on how scared they are of President Obama, and how they want their country back.

Then perhaps they might drive to another city, I’m thinking maybe Atlanta and the Ebenezer Baptist church, where they could inform the mostly black audience there about their great fears of this first Black President, and how he resembles Adolph Hitler, and how they feel like the residents of Jewish Ghettos, just before the Jewish residents were hauled off to concentration camps to be gassed.

After those experiences, perhaps these crazy people might begin to understand just how far out of touch with reality they have moved. They might then be able to consider driving to the nearest dump and offloading their mostly racist attitudes and detritus.

Then I would suggest they attend their neighborhood church and ask God for forgiveness.

Couldn’t hurt.
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