Monday, August 23, 2010

Pakistan as a Medieval Problem

It is almost painful to listen to the news reports of thousands of Pakistanis killed, injured, or stranded and starving from the rising flood waters. The inattention of their government is almost palpable, if not exactly surprising. One Pakistani reporter, discussing the situation asserts that these villages are practically medieval, so little development has there been in that region.

For the past 63 years, the Pakistani government has remained fixated on the “Indian threat” (which does not exist). Alternatively, that government has focused on arming and instructing “militants”, code word for the Pakistani ISI civilian soldiers, to further the “take-back” of Kashmir, which they continue to believe is rightfully theirs. They continue to pursue military actions, including the periodic takeover of their “government”, despite the awful living conditions of the Pakistani people. The ISI, their version of the CIA here, continues, like our own CIA, to act independently and irresponsibly, creating continued furor and general mayhem with its Indian neighbors. Apparently there is something inherent in the function of intelligence agencies that causes them to act like incompetent idiots most of the time.

It would seem, after 63 years, that the Pakistanis themselves would have tired of their constant quarrels with India, and with their ISI constantly cozying up to terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda, and the Taliban, on their Afghan border. One might imagine that common sense would have begun to prevail, but apparently not. After all, common sense has yet to prevail in the Arab-Israeli dispute after really the same period of time. It makes one wonder what exists in the minds of Islamic governments, besides creating their version of Hell on earth for their own people. All these messes make for a powerful argument for secular governments everywhere. Maybe religions just don’t belong as governing agents. You think?
Kindly take notice Christian Taliban members.
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