Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Teabag Party

I find myself wondering about the inner workings of the Republican National Committee, and what they must talk about at their meetings, knowing that they have been taken over by an Australian, Rupert Murdoch by name. I wonder especially what Republicans like Bob Dole, or Barry Goldwater, or even St. Ronald would have thought about this turn of events.

Apparently, the eight years of Neo-Con misrule, which produced two desperately bad wars, the worst economic performance in the Nation’s history and, finally the loss of power in 2008 was too much for the party to bear. So, they went to sleep—it’s what deeply troubled, depressed people often do when they can no longer stand the shame of their lives.

And, while they were sleeping, Rupert and his merry band of actors at the Faux News Network, decided to take over the party. First Rupert formed The Tea Party, and then, with the help of his acting troupe, he went on the offensive against the somnolent leadership of the Republican Party. He demonstrated how a lot of money and no principles could be used to generate an astonishing amount of noise . . . noise that would energize people who otherwise had no political experience, and fewer scruples. And so the Republican Party became rebranded as The Tea Party. And Glenn Beck and his mama grizzly became its chief spokespersons.

And so it was . . .

And elsewhere, Newt Gingrich slipped farther away somewhere in outer space, while mumbling about Nazis in our midst.
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