Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Daily Read

So, Ahmedinjhad has arrived in the Big Apple. Haven’t New Yorkers had enough trauma lately? Hell, he’s almost as annoying as Newt Gingrich. And just when they thought they were done with the “Ground Zero (aka Burlington Coat factory) debate”. We can only hope that Ahmawhat’shisname isn’t so intent on convincing the world that he’s really an ok Joe, that he doesn’t turn his mind to the Mosque thingie, as in maybe donating some of the proceeds from his illegal drug sales to help finance the mosque. Oops, I forgot, that would be our man in Kabul, Mr. President Karzai.

But, like our Kenyan Islamic President doesn’t have enough to worry about. I wonder, does he have to provide Secret Service protection to Ahmedinejhad. And, if so, do these guys have to promise to leap in front of assassin’s bullets to protect and preserve this guy? Can’t you just imagine the detail selection process?

“Ok, so we’re drawing straws. The short straw gets to jump in front of bullets aimed at Achamadinajihad’s . The long straw gets to jump in front of Tea Party members trying to throw wet tea bags at President Obama. Man, those dudes seriously need to get a life.”

But I understand that the real agenda being discussed in New York is this issue of the big plan to eliminate poverty in the third world. I wonder whether that includes Alabama and Mississippi.? It would really be great if they could assure that the kids in Somalia get adequate health care, you know before the Al Qaida dudes “recruit” them into the people’s armies of wherever. Wouldn’t want them to lack their shots before blowing themselves up in marketplaces, now would we?

And elsewhere, I just perused an article in The Atlantic about Boomers. It’s all about the “self-absorbed, self-indulgent generation” born between 1946 and 1964. One of the author’s assertions is that the Boomers should,” Instead of arguing about whose fault our current fiscal mess is and who should pay for it, Boomers as an age cohort should just grab the check and say, ‘this one’s on us.’” Yeah, and maybe they can get Gordon Gecko to make that pronouncement. Hahahahahaha.
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