Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Faces of Evil

How is one to come to grips with a theoretically Christian outreach program that is willing to endanger our troops in order to bring attention to itself? I have coined a term for this and used it in prior postings—the Christian Taliban. Look closely at the faux Christian leader below, for he represents one of several Faces of Evil present in America today. That he is an anti-American goes without saying. His Koran burning accomplishes no useful purpose, except perhaps to give him some publicity for his pathetic pseudo-church. That he is willing to take such a step when faced with the almost certain knowledge that somewhere, perhaps in Afghanistan, some of our troops might die as a direct result of his actions, places him squarely in the role of Anti-American Christian Taliban. We know what evil looks like.

And elsewhere, on yet another planet, John Boehner is promising the American people that, if we give him control of the Congress in November, he will do all in his power to return us to the dark days of the Shrub administration—remember that bunch? The ones who gave us an unnecessary war, the worst economy since the 1930s and the largest budget deficits in the nation’s history? I guess, if you liked George W. Bush and Dickie Bird Cheney, you’re going to love John Boehner and his crowd.
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