Friday, September 17, 2010

Insecurity of Great Wealth

Americans are becoming increasingly anxious about the state of the American economy, especially among wealthier Americans. I guess it’s understandable, when you think that their big tax break created by the George W, aka The Big Dummy. Remember him? He decided that budget surpluses, created by Clinton tax policies, was a bad idea. So, instead of using the surpluses to pay down the National Debt, he decided instead to return to standard conservative economic policies, like “charge and spend.” Apparently conservatives only talk negatively about deficits when a Democrat is in the White House.

So, with Obama promising to end the tax breaks for the wealthier part of our nation, the wealthies are showing concern. But then I began thinking. Who actually creates jobs in the American economy? And why would these wealthy people be so concerned? Well, jobs are created generally by people investing in new companies and even in new industries. And who does that . . . the Government? Hmm . . . no, not really. I know, I know, the Government creates some jobs by spending money, as they did with the stimulus, and by doing things like the Census. Now, I think Obama is missing something like putting big money on the stump to create a new industry in , let’s call it “new energy.” Give out large grants to people and companies to create new economically viable energy sources. But, I know what would happen. The Tea Party (aka republicans) would immediately start shouting, “get the government out of our energy businesses.”

So, then I ask myself, if not Government, who should be making the investments to create new jobs, to replace the jobs lost by republican economic policies, and the policies of our CEOs who stressed low cost by outsourcing all of our jobs to China? Who? Well, wouldn’t that be the wealthy financial investment managers, the ones who are now lobbying so hard to avoid paying any taxes? Yeah, that’s the group. But then why are they feeling insecure . . . because they know that they have no plans to invest in new industries? And they know also, that they don’t want Obama making such investments? Yeah, that’s the group. The bankers and the financial investment managers who caused the current crisis of confidence. And I guess they’re worried because they realize what assholes they are and how unlikely they are to begin making any investments that are actually productive. They are so used to making monumentally stupid investments, like real estate scams, that they apparently have forgotten how to do anything useful.

Ok, now I get it.

And just so you don’t think the world is entirely bleak, I read about the Belgians who have begun to demand that they and their families be “debaptized”, i.e., officially removed from the rolls of the Catholic Church. Apparently Belgians are not amused by the Catholic Church hierarchy’s habit of abusing children placed in their care. Wow, what a concept.
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