Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Party of Dr. No

So, Dr. No has finally released its legislative agenda, just in time for the elections. They are trying, they say, to demonstrate that they can do more than say No. With their agenda, they take on more the character of Dr. No, that legendary film character who sought to disrupt the world for his own purposes.

So, what is on their agenda?

1. Deny health care to 50 million people, probably more since, with a 10% unemployment rate there are doubtless millions more who now have no health care, but who might have under the Obama plan. That will cease under the Party of Dr. No.

2. And speaking of health care, it seems clear that the conservatives, joined at the hip by the Lipton Tea Party of Rupert Murdoch and Glenn Beck, will go even beyond the Obama health care and move on shortly thereafter to Medicare. Teabaggers may not want the Government messing with their Medicare, but they won’t have to worry any longer—the conservatives want to kill it too.

3. Vastly increase the National Debt. Beginning immediately, the Party of Dr. No will keep intact the Bush giveaway of billions to the wealthiest members of our nation, thereby adding close to a trillion dollars to our national debt. Conservatives do so hate paying bills. Talk about generational theft. These guys are past masters at generational thievery.

4. Eliminate Social Security. Now this scheme is pure Dr. No kind of genius. Only a true evil genius would dream up “Privatizing Social Security.” By “privatizing”, they mean that they would give control of the Social Security Trust Fund to the same bankers who led Lehman Brothers into a garbage can, and the other financial whiz kids who caused the meltdown of the global financial system.

5. Replace Nancy Pelosi with John Boehner as Speaker. Boehner, as we know, was one of the author’s of the Newt’s Contract On America, and would begin serving immediately as the top conservative hit man for anything the NRA, the health insurance industry and the extractive energy industry would like to see enacted. Like the National Debt, he thinks Global Warming will go away if we only stop talking about it.

Where’s James Bond when we need him?
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